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RCG Objectives: Share points of view on the future of livestock farming in South America and other pastoral ecosystems, encouraging young researchers to present and debate their results in an international and interinstitutional perspective.

Scientific Coordination: Marie Opplert (marie.opplert@gmail.com), Derick Rösler (derickrosler@gmail.com) Mariana Mezzomo (mariana_mezzomo@hotmail.com), Mariana Vogg (marivogg@gmail.com), Claudio Pozo (claudioapozo@gmail.com), Paulo Waquil (waquil@ufrgs.br), Jean-François Tourrand (tourrand@aol.com)

Institutional Coordination: Gilberto Kozloski (gilberto.kozloski@ufsm.br), Fernando Quadros (flfquadros@gmail.com)

Debaters: Valéria Homem (MAA, Brasil); Mona Abdel Zaher (†) (ARC) Egypt; Silvina Carrizo (CONICET/Univ. La Plata, Argentina), Sylvie Cournut (MAAF/VetAgroSup, France; Le Thi Thanh Huyen (NIAS, Vietnam)